Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) represents the members’ interests at the national level. CHBA advocates the interests of the housing industry with the federal government, making sure that political decision-makers and public servants respond to our concerns and priorities.

CHBA makes representations to intergovernmental bodies where federal and provincial governments meet and make decisions affecting the industry.  CHBA reports to members on important national issues through regular newsletters, special reports and a wide range of other publications. CHBA develops courses, workshops, educational publications and consumer materials for the benefit of members everywhere. CHBA acts as a forum for information sharing. Through Councils and Standing Committees, members exchange ideas and learn from each other. The annual National Conference brings members together from across the country. CHBA’s website with a separate members’ area keeps everyone up to date on the latest issues, developments and actions.

CHBA delivers training, advice and support for association staff and volunteers across the country to support their efforts to deliver valuable services and benefits to members. CHBA is comprised of 10 provincial and 80 local associations across the country.

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