RenoMark™Your National Source for Renovation Advice and Professional Renovation Contractors

RenoMark™ is the renovation industry’s mark of excellence for renovators.

Believe in professionalism: RenoMark members are committed to their industry and are businesses that are willing to pay annual dues to keep informed and to help educate consumers.

Have legitimate business licenses: RenoMark members do not support the underground economy of renovators who avoid paying taxes and operate “fly-by-night” and “cash-only” businesses.

Members in Good Standing: RenoMark members are first a WRHBA member company, which is a crucial first step in knowing you’ve hired a professional.

The RenoMark™ Code of Conduct

All RenoMark™ members have agreed to the following:

  • Be a WRHBA member in good standing and abide by both Code of Ethics
  • Provide a detailed written contract for all jobs
  • Offer a two-year warranty minimum on all work (excluding minor repairs)
  • Carry $2 million liability insurance at a minimum
  • Continuing education to maintain a professional knowledge of:
    • current building codes 
    • permit procedures
    • technical skills 
    • Maintain a safe and organized worksite
    • Return all phone calls within two business days